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I am currently on maternity leave.

The classes and seminars I would have held in WS 2019/2020 and SS20 will be held by Dr. Panagiotis Konstantis. Please see the webpage: 

For questions about classes and seminars please contact him:


my assistant:  Alexander Caviedes-Castro:

or my secretary: Frau Gaby Quadt:


Ich befinde mich zur Zeit in Mutterschutz mit anschließender Elternzeit.

Meine Vorlesungen und Seminare für das WS 2019/2020 und SS 2020 sowie 
die Studierendenbetreuung werden von Dr. Panagiotis Konstantis 

Bei Fragen bis zum Anfang des Semesters wenden Sie sich 
bitte an:

oder meinen Assistenten, Herrn Alexander Caviedes-Castro:
oder meine Sekretärin, Frau Gaby Quadt:



Since October 1st 2014 I am a Professor in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Cologne.


Research Interests :


I am interested in studying the topological invariants of an almost complex or symplectic manifold with symmetries, namely, the equivariant cohomology, K-theory ring and Chern classes when the manifold is acted on by a Lie group. Recently I have also worked

on reflexive polytopes and on semi-toric systems. For a more detailed description of my research interests, click here.


NEWS: The DFG has recently approved a grant (CRC/TRR 191) on      


Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics.

Short CV 


From September 2013 until August 2014, I was a Post-Doctoral researcher at the 

Centro de Análise Matemática, Geometria e Sistemas Dinâmicos, Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon), with a grant from the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia,

working with Prof. Leonor Godinho.


From September 2009 until August 2013, I was an assistant professor

(collaboratrice scientifique) in the Department of Mathematics

at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, working with Prof. Tudor Ratiu in the Chair of Geometric Analysis, .


I obtained my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

in June 2009. My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Victor Guillemin

Long CV here








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